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Product information:

Power supply mode: power supply or use the power bank as the driving power supply, even if the power is cut off, the rocking chair can be used

Cradle design: The five-speed automatic swinging cradle liberates the mother’s hands, and the baby sleeps more safely

High-quality three-dimensional music: Comes with high-quality three-dimensional music, 3 scene music and 7 chord music, beautiful and beautiful, and better develop the baby’s hearing acuity.

High-quality comfortable and breathable seat cloth: breathable, comfortable, soft and healthy care, soft and comfortable.

Five-point safety belt: The five-point safety belt design protects the baby’s center of gravity from shifting, and the length of the adjustable belt does not restrain the baby and will not affect the baby’s healthy development

Multi-function control panel: The panel integrates five-speed swing control, three-speed timing, music control and volume adjustment buttons.

Rotatable toy rack: It can be rotated back and forth to adjust the distance from the baby, and it can also be disassembled and rotated by 90ᄚ to comprehensively exercise the baby’s eyesight and grasping ability.

Foldable to save space: It can be folded easily in 3 steps, easy to carry and store. (Fold up the seat cushion—press the button on the feet—wind the lower plate back until it is close to the seat cushion—270ᄚrotation

Soothing vibration function: the vibration is soothing, imitating the frequency of amniotic fluid fluctuations, and developing a good habit of the baby not to cuddle.

Swing lock: Press the swing lock to fix the rocking seat cushion and prevent it from swinging.

Control method: remote control, LED touch panel

Product load: 11KG

Suitable age: 0-12 months

Power supply mode: 5V1A power supply, ordinary power bank power supply

Material: pure cotton/nylon/aluminum tube

Function: LED touch or remote control, cradle multi-angle adjustment, human body induction sleep mode, built-in music and mobile phone Bluetooth connection music playback, five-speed adjustment of swing amplitude, three-speed adjustment of timing time

Note: The following dimensions are all measured by hand, there are slight errors, please refer to the actual product.


Adjustable angle cradle

The intelligent human body induction sleep function, the baby stops when he falls asleep, and shakes when he wakes up.

Mobile phone Bluetooth connection to play music and built-in five music

Five-point seat belt

Removable and washable comfort cushion

Detachable doll

5V1A power supply or ordinary power bank

Packing list:

Electric rocking chair body ᅲ 1

Remote control ᅲ 1

Adapter x1

Sunshade mosquito net ᅲ 1

Doll pendant x1

Power cord ᅲ 1












Additional information

Weight 4.50 kg
Dimensions 495 × 495 × 170 cm

Starry sky, Grey, Pink, Green

Electrical outlet

220V US


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